Guitar Pick Frame Holder with stands

Guitar Pick Frame Holder with stands
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Color of foam insert: 
Display your guitar pick in style! You will receive the black plastic frame surrounding a double sided velour display card frame, an acrylic base, an acrylic cover, a foam piece and the stands. Pick is NOT included!

Foam Color: Black or White (picture above has a white foam insert)

Velour Color: Black.

Pick style: 351 style (both sides of the pick are visible).

Frame Dimensions: 3 1/2" X 3 1/2" X 3/8"

Our holders are manufactured through the process of injection molding using virgin acrylic plastic that contains a non-yellowing agent, which helps maintain the clarity of the holders over time. The black/white material is produced from a cross linked polyethylene, which is a plastic material. The materials used in the production of our holders and rings are totally inert and PVC free. The holders are professionally die cut in the U.S.A. for a perfect uniform fit. Beware of imitators that cut their holders by hand using a knife or razor! The acrylic pieces can be re-opened if you want to take the pick out of the case.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instructions: 1. Place the guitar pick (not included) into the foam and then into the smaller acrylic piece.

2. Place the larger acrylic piece on top to act as a cover.

3. Place finished piece into the frame holder...and enjoy!