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Pick Punch "Baby 346"
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Pick Punch "Baby 346" Pick Punch "Baby 346" Pick Punch "Baby 346" Pick Punch "Baby 346"
Pick Punch "Baby 346"
Item# sweet-346
*Note if you are looking for a gift for a guitar player we suggest buying the standard 351 because almost everyone plays that shape and it works! But if you are looking to try something new try this one. I think you will like it better than the 351, the Jazz, the 355, teardrop and the 346 combined.
"Why do we need another guitar pick shape?", you ask. Well I have tested hundreds of shapes of guitar picks over the years. I have played with them all trust me and those that were not out there I made myself.

In honor of the original 346 I plan to call this the "SWEET 346". This "SWEET 346" is similar to the large 346 reduced down to a more controllable size. Hear me out............ Here was my thought process for producing this pick shape before any other standard shapes after the 351 and Jazz.
I always used to play the good ol' 351 standards but eventually found myself using the Jazz style picks for more control when flatpicking or playing fast. It seems quite a few players (not all but the trend goes that way) go smaller over time. The 351 is still used around here quite a bit as well as the Jazz but it was just not quite 100%. Standard 351 and Jazz picks have rounded bottoms that I did not realize until I produced this new shape but they are harder to feel where the pick is pointed due to this round side of the pick. The guys behind the original 346 shape were on to something with the nice rounded sides that tapered smoothly to the points and I always liked the 346 because it had three sides that were the same but it was just too big for me. The regular 355 triangle has the advantages of being three sided but the points do not progress smoothly to the sides like the 346 and I just was not 100% quite on board with this one but I do like this shape. I made dozens of picks along this line that were smaller and three sided and although I did not in any means re-invent the guitar shape I am happy with this small tweek. I expect to see the pick companies picking up on this one soon if they have not already and if not I guess it is better for me. I am hooked on this one OFFICIALLY.

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