What Is Pick Punch?

"Like most guitar players I eventually found myself without a guitar pick. In a pinch, I cut them out of materials I had on hand such as plastic lids and expired credit cards. I remember saying to myself 'There must be an easier way!'
So that's when the PICK PUNCH was born. ENJOY!"

-Von Luhmann, Inventor of the Pick Punch 2005

Welcome to the world of guitar pick making!

The purpose of this website is to collect information on different techniques for making guitar picks and to serve as a one stop shop for tools and materials to make them. My "Picks and Projects" section above has a ton of videos, pictures, and information on making guitar picks.

Don't miss this section! If you have any pictures or information please pass it along for everyone to use. This website has 6 categories of products: The Pick Punch Kits section takes the guesswork out of getting started in guitar pick making. The Punch section contains the different models of punches that we sell. The Plastic Sheets section contains different materials used in making guitar picks. Our Sanding Block section has three different types of sanding blocks used to make the edges of your picks nice and smooth. The "Stamping and Printing Supplies" section has all the supplies used for personalizing your guitar picks with stamping techniques. The "Pick Displays and Cases" has different items used for displaying and storing picks. Ornament pick holders, albums, and cases, are great ways to show off your new creations.