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Pick Punch Kits

The Pick Punch Kit THE PERFECT GIFT!

We had a lot of requests for a starter kit so here it is. Are you unsure what you need to get started? I am taking the guess work out for you here with this kit and save you some clicking.

These Pick Punch kits are the perfect gift if you don't know what to get someone that plays guitar. They will love these kits.

We had quite a few requests to create some items that took the guesswork out of making guitar picks. These will save you quite a few clicks. The following kits have most of the items you need to get going with personalized guitar picks.

The "Pick Punch Kit" allows you to select the type of Pick Punch you want and also includes quite a few items to get you going.

The larger "Kitchen Sink" kit allows you to select three different punch shapes and even more supplies.

We spent quite a bit of time selecting the items in these kits. They are a great way to get started.