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Just take your parents credit card, a gift card, or your co-host's work ID and punch away! Thanks to Amy Schumer for donating her MSG work ID!

Thanks to Eric Dahl and everyone at Fox17 Nashville!



















Old bus pass? Thats a pick. Soda bottle? Thats a pick too. Shoe-obsessed girlfriends credit card? Definite pick. $25


The Pick Punch is a hole punch sure. A whole punch that wails. You can chop credit cards, gift cards, or really any kind of thin plastic into picks. You can also buy ready-made sheets from the Pick Punch site.


Using picks is an essential part of playing guitar, so Von Luhmann decided to invent a small gadget that makes guitar picks.


Pick Punch: Plucky Fun With DIY Guitar Picks. I don't play guitar (just piano, like all nerds), but I think that the Pick Punch makes a great gift for that hard-to-buy-for musician friend. The result is a smooth, traditional,-style pick that can be used with any pluckable instrument. The Pick Punch is practical, unique, and only costs $25

Geek System

Today in "why didn't anyone think of that before?": The Pick Punch is a hole punch -like gadget that can be used to punch guitar picks out of expired gift cards and what have you


The Pick Punch should be a streetfighter special move, but it is in fact much more mundane, and arguable more useful.


It's kind of hard not to instantly 'get' what the Pick Punch does, but if you're having trouble wrapping your brain around it just think of it as a hole punch that produces guitar picks, instead of round confetti.


Indy Star Pick Punch


Sh*t just got real. For $25 you can turn old credit cards, gift cards, or other plastic into guitar picks.


There's seriously nothing more annoying for a guitar player than constantly losing guitar picks.......the punch ($25) finally ends all this nonsense.


The Pick Punch is the perfect gift for the do-it-yourself axe-slinger......Buy the materials from their website, or if you're down for the recycling thing, you can even make them out of old credit cards, MacGyver-style.

The Fifth Fret

Honestly, this is a product that feels like it should have ALWAYS been there.......Honestly, I consider this a must-buy for any guitarist. Not only does it save you money quickly (it pays for itself pretty fast considering the cost of it is so low) but it's made of high quality materials and feels like it will last forever and it will FINALLY solve the ever-present problem of losing picks.


Talented musicians can be quite the eccentric lot and sometimes, they just want things done their own way, never mind that the average man on the street might deem it strange. Well, take guitarists for example some of them might want to have their very own picks to pluck strings with, so what better way to keep said eccentric guitarist happy than with the $24.99 DIY Guitar Pick Punch?


You don't have to buy guitar picks ever again when you can make your own. The Guitar Pick Punch lets you turn any piece of plastic into a pick. Used gift cards, plastic lids or pretty much anything around 0.80mm thick can become a guitar pick.


I've heard it said before that every man walking this earth has tried to play guitar at one time or another. In my experience there are a lot of women out there fine-tuning there craft as well. Whether you are in the first category or the latter you are guaranteed to share one universal problem; pick thieves. Pick thieves can be actual evil people (I'm picturing something like the Hamburgler), our own absent mindedness, or even those greedy couch cushions. The fact is, at some point you are going to find yourself ready to impress the masses or battle to the death in a guitar duel just when you realize you're pickless!

This is where the Pick Punch comes in. With the Pick Punch you've got a new pick waiting for you just about anywhere. Resembling a heavy-duty commercial stapler, it punches pick-shaped holes in depleted gift cards, old drivers licenses, and even empty soda bottles. Von Luhmann, the creator of the product sent me his standard 351 Pick Punch and his new jazz style Pick Punch. I have to say I've had a blast seeing what these things will punch through. After all I do have to test its limits right? If you're not as adventurous as me there are plenty of handy-how-to guides at www.pickpunch.com covering the do's and don't of making your own picks.


The Pick Punch is a great gadget for guitar, banjo, mandolin and other stringed instruments that require a pick for strumming. If you can't figure out what purpose it serves just by the name and image, then you have my permission to skip this review. Everyone else, click through for more info.

If you play a stringed instrument with a pick and enjoy making things and saving money, then you're going to love the Pick Punch. It's a heavy duty spring loaded punch, that will allow you to create your own unique guitar picks from various materials that you already have lying around your house.

I think this product would make a great gift for a guitar player. It's built to last for years and will punch 1000s of picks. It's inexpensive and will save them money because they'll never need to buy another pick.


Ever find yourself running out of guitar picks, but at the same time finding piles of mommyís maxed-out credit cards? Never fear, because with the Guitar Pick Punch, you can turn that symbol of financial ruin into something awesome! Just take any sturdy material around 0.8mm thick and run it through this nifty little device. It works like a hole puncher, except itís at least 400% less lame.


Great gift for any musician.

Dana Reviews

If you have a friend that is a guitar player...this is an excellent birthday or Christmas gift idea.


Credit cards expire and gift cards will ultimately be rendered useless once the credit has been spent. Or will they?

The Pick Punch tool recycles those old cards by stamping out custom guitar picks. Not only does your green thumb improve, but youíll have the most unique set of picks any groupie has ever laid eyes on.


The Pick Punch is its own monster. That 25 cent piece of plastic known as a pick or plectrum for you scholars, can make or break a performance for some. What good is free shipping from your favorite online retailer or your friendly local mom and pop guitar shop when itís 10pm and you have a gig?

Overall this item was one of the most fun items Iíve been able to review.


Instantly nothing in my home was safe or free from getting punched. Plastic cups, lids and food containers are some items to start 'punching'

The Pick Punch is a great way to get creative and make and design your very own custom guitar picks.

Turns those old expired gift cards into guitar picks. With a creative mind, this product can be a ton of fun.


Be a truly awesome guitarist who not only plays your own tracks, but uses your very own picks as well.


Itís a handy little tool, about the size of a stapler. You insert an old credit card, store loyalty card, used up gift card, etc. Mash down the handle, and out pops a guitar pick!


I took guitar lessons for a while when I was a kid. The thing I remember most was that I could never keep up with the picks. Each week we had to go buy a new one since I would lose the one from the week before by time we got home each week. I bet there are lots of you out there that have a similar problem keeping up with your picks.


With the Pick Punch, youíve got a new pick waiting for you just about anywhere.


Just insert the material you want a pick out of into the DIY Guitar Pick Punch, and . . . well . . . squeeze. Instant guitar pick! Make them out of expired credit cards, those grocery store club cards, plastic packaging material, and more! Hey, want to get super DIY-y? Then punch a few thin picks and glue them together into the ultimate pick of density. Keep a DIY Guitar Pick Punch in your gigbag, and youíll never be without a pick again.


The Pick Punch ($25 here) allows you to make your own guitar picks (351 style teardrop) out of credit cards, gift cards, plastic lids, celluloid sheeting, etcÖ Simply genius and the perfect gift idea for the guitar lover in your life. Why didnít I think of that?


The Pick Punch tool recycles those old cards by stamping out custom guitar picks. Not only does your green thumb improve, but youíll have the most unique set of picks any groupie has ever laid eyes on.

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