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Plastic Sheets

0.80mm Black Nylon Sheeting

Black Color Nylon 7-3/4"X12" cut into four equal strips (0.80mm thick) enough for about 56 to 72 picks depending how conservative you are when punching (SEE NOTE BELOW). We sized this so it would ship easier with punch orders and to keep shipping rates correct. This is a great material for strumming. Relax and strum away!

Do you need sheeting for making guitar picks? Or do you need additional sheeting for your "Pick Punch Kit"? You found the right section.

There are quite a few materials out there already waiting for us to recycle but if you have a favorite material or want to start making personalized picks then check out the items below.

Not sure what to get? .50mm sheeting creates picks that are medium to light in guage and 1.00mm sheeting creates medium to heavy guitar picks.

The clear polycarbonate sheeting is great for the "sandwiching" techniques in our "Picks and Projects" information section. Check this section out if you still don't know what you need.

We currently are not selling the Nylon material because the other materials are much better in quality and tone.