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Stamping and Printing Supplies

Stazon Solvent Ink for plastics

This item is for the non-metallic ink colors. Solvent Ink. This stuff works! And nothing else does. We have tried it all.

Do you need supplies for customizing your guitar picks? You are in the right place. We have tested everything out there and these products work the best. Stazon inks are great for printing on plastics, glass, metal and other non-porous surfaces.

Lightly sand the surface with our sanding blocks before using the inks for even better results.

Stazon inks are excellent inks and because of that they require special cleaners to keep your stamps clean. Get some of the cleaner in dauber or spray bottles to keep everything nice and clean.

If you want to layer different colors with staz-on inks we suggest using the sealer Glaz-On specially made to seal in the colors so they do not bleed when applying different layers of color.

The brush sets are used to fill in colors inside your stamped image. We like using black as an outline color and then sealing the black outlines and then filling in with the brushes another color to really make the image pop. We don't sell stamps yet. But we will have some soon probably. You can make stamps from our sanding blocks by simply drawing on the white foam. See our "Picks and Projects - How To: section for pictures.

If you need custom stamps for computer generated logos try the company rubberstampchamp.com and you can create your own personalized band logo or name on their website for your guitar picks for around $5 plus shipping. Use the 3/4 sized personalized square stamp and keep the design simple for best results.

Check out our "Picks and Projects" section for pictures of some of our past projects.